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PostSubject: kijarusopal    kijarusopal  I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 14, 2013 9:16 pm

welcome please post bio here
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PostSubject: Re: kijarusopal    kijarusopal  I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 17, 2013 2:38 am

tal everyone im opal, im one of the jewels of my Master,Drako, . The boy is sorry it took so long to write my bio. things did not go well with this one. but i hope i do a good job now,,
I was recruited from earth, so im not a natural born Gorean,, But feel very much one now.
im 20 years old and live with my parents stil and work for my dad, i am confortable with women and men, and enjoy being with them both,,
I live in Kamba now, with my Master and all my new friends, Free, and the slaves, i love serving the Free and usually on everyday for a few hours, This one has much to learn in serving and even greeting, but the fire is there, and i try everytime to do a good job, so the village Free will be happy with me..
The boy does not grumble about my place in life here in GOR, instead,strive to be a better slave.
I try to help newer slaves to be better and if they want ,can ask me anything. the better you are is the better we all are. I even recruit for the village, because im proud of mt home here and want others to experiance the RP,
I have been with 1 Master for over a year, hes been a good Gorean and Master and is fun to be around even. I would never let him down on purpose as well as any of the Free,
My hobbies on earth are fishing , games , going to the mall, movies and a little (porn) dont tell hehe, I hope to find someone to spend my life with, someone who is kind, gentle, sincere, but a devil in bed.untill that happens my family here and on earth is all i have. I live in ohio right now, but was born in kentucky and stil have family there,
So if theres anything i can do to make our village better, i will do it,, just ask if i can help,,
i will puobly add more later, but its late, bye for now, love you all,. OPAL
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