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PostSubject: Propper Kartas   Propper Kartas I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 30, 2013 12:20 am

Three - Four lines entrance

beg entrance

kneel describe your form your hair your body your cloths ...

as such....

- she would swiftly move as her hips would sway back and forth happy she has finally reached her home of her Master in Farnsworth , her dark red hair would flow in the breeze as her sweet smell would fill the air as she would reach the double doors of her Masters home seeking if he has returned from his travels , she would snap her hips as she would close the doors behind her as she would kneel before the free within her Masters Home , her hands would run down her body as she would kneel in respect her breast would bonce to her kneeling as she would press them up against her legs as she would kiss the floor as she would speak-

and then ask to enter ...who your owned by if you are ...

if you do not post a proper entrance I will start booting you will have 20 minutes to think of a new karta and repost
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Propper Kartas
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