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PostSubject: Propper Serves    Propper Serves  I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 30, 2013 12:31 am

4 - 5 lines

3 paragraphs

describe...don't leave detail out make it visual so we can create a mental picture...

as such:
-as her Master orders her to get him some chilled water and some fresh boask meet she smiles happily she wanted to serve she need to serve him, she stands up - yes Master - she then head to the server and inspects it seeing it is well clean she smiles lovingly she enjoyed this part of her life pleasing her Master she moved to the wash basin and began to scrub her hands under her nails she smiled as she lifted them up and saw not a spec of dirt on them she then moves to the clean rep cloths and dries her hands-

-she then moves to the cupboard were the goblets were kept she smiled and pulled a nice gold one out for her Master she inspected it and then twisted the rim on her wrist not feeling it cut her and not anything that the would harm her Master she moves to the wash basin once more and washes it until it shines she smiles brightly she then dries with a new rep cloth and smiles and sets it on a tray on the counter she then moves to the chiller and pulls out a pitcher of water and fills the goblet up enough so it wont spill she then moves to the boask freshly cooked and smiles the aroma filling her nose -

-as she cuts a few pieces off she leaves them there to stay warm as she washes a plate and dries it she plates the boask meat she picks up the tray holding the goblet and the boask meat and moves out to her Master once more her bells jingle her hips moving from side to side as she reaches ear length of the group and kneels down she holds the tray up as she kneels down she bows her head - may this girl approach and serve

( wait for a response ))

-she stands up hearing her Master giver her permission she moves to him and lowers him in a seductive position as she,she raises the goblet up and kisses the foot of the goblet saying a soft prayer and then holds it up to him- I hope this water pleases you my Master -when he takes it she then takes the boask meat and holds it up- I hope this boask pleases you my Master..

( wait till dismissed to move from there side rearrange and make your own when serving you will not just serve your Master but her is a guide on how it should be done.))
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Propper Serves
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