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 Raven's Bio

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PostSubject: Raven's Bio    Raven's Bio  I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 08, 2014 1:34 pm

This one came from the north she was owend by Master alerkr and was never truly want he tossed her out to the cold were this one ran for many moons she was captured in kamba and caged. When her cageing was done this one was collard to Master Admin Ru and Mistress first lady Cari she was made First girl and is very happy.

this one is unopened
she is fully trained
she is not branded
and has not had slave wine
this one has not had a physical

This one is restricted to Master ru and Mistress Cari no one eles can touch unless givin permison by Master ru or Mistress cari this one is forbin to leave Kamba Grounds if cought outside walls it is to be reported to this ones Master or Mistress to be punished .

this one agrees to these terms and accepts them ...this one is owend she is slave and he is Master he commands and this one obeys.

First Girl Rave.
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Raven's Bio
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